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Video without boundaries.
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Keek combines the energy of video with the brevity of text to create a new kind of social network. With Keek, users can create and share 36-second video updates worldwide with their mobile phones, tablets and webcams.    

About Us

Keek combines the energy of video with the brevity of text to create a new kind of social network. A Keek is a short video (up to 36 seconds) and 111 characters of accompanying text that can be enabled thru the web, IOS, Android and Windows 8 mobile platforms.  Users can interact on Keek directly with other users through “keekbacks”, the platform’s unique ability to respond to a keek (short video) with a keek.  These interactions can occur in either a public or private view.  Private sessions can include up to 35 others. Everything about Keek is easy, fun, and fast – from the speed of the Keek app and our quick approach to user support, right down to the simplified nature of our 36-second videos.

Keek’s engaged and vibrant user community creates an enormous amount of content that serves to enlighten, entertain, and inform. Keek is amongst one of the fastest growing social platforms with its video app being downloaded in over 190 countries worldwide covering 6 global regions, with no particular geographic area contributing more than 25% to the total user community.  The Keek platform is available in up to 36 languages and allows users to link to their other social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Google+, and Line profiles.  Users include celebrities, brands, athletes, journalists, sports teams, and media outlets.

The on-going development of the platform will continue to address new features based on innovation, user feedback, competitive pressures, organizational goals and market trends.  Keek’s mobile strategy stays current with the latest mobile and smartphone devices to ensure that, whatever the device, Keek’s video platform is at the user’s fingertips.

Recent News Release
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July 15, 2014

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